Welcome to the Kent and Medway Social Enterprise Network [KaMSEN CIC]

KaMSEN CIC is the official Social Enterprise Network for Kent & Medway.  KaMSEN CIC works to support a robust and vibrant social economy as part of the wider economy in Kent, Medway and surrounding area.




KaMSEN CIC is a Community Interest Company which was set up in 2005 as part of a regional initiative to support and promote the Social Enterprise business model.  Run by a small team of Directors, KaMSEN CIC delivers practical support about Social Enterprise, offering expertise in developing and running Social Enterprise, working in partnership and building networks of support. 

KaMSEN CIC Supporter Membership joins up more than 200 individuals and organisations and links with other networks locally and further afield. 

KaMSEN Directors have between them many years practical experience of developing and running social economy organisations and partnership projects: including charities, voluntary and community organisations, rural support organisations, local authorities, private business and Social Enterprise and, of delivering support through training and workshops, coaching, mentoring and facilitation, social impact measurement and one to one support.. TO FIND OUT MORE ...

Our Vision and Values

KaMSEN CIC's Vision is to create a vibrant Social Enterprise sector in Kent, Medway and the surrounding areas, dynamically contributing to the community cohesion and the wealth, health and prosperity of the area working through a strong mutually supportive network and linking to the wider economy.

Our Values are


  • Championing the Social Economy:  We support respect and recognise the contribute the social economy makes to the economy as a whole and to lives of individuals and their communities
  •  Open and Effective Communication: We believe that clear communication is the foundation for developing effective collaboration and support, respecting all contribution
  • Promoting Sustainable Business:  We champion the need to have a financial, sustainable and vibrant social economy which can continue to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their communities
  • Quality and Excellence: We believe in the importance of maintaining quality standards for delivery of advice and support and will strive for excellence in our delivery
Our Priorities

Communication: Listening, communication, influencing and facilitating

Collaboration: Building on existing networking and partnership and developing new ones in and across the sectors

Learning: Providing learning opportunities and delivering "quality professional learning" tailored to the needs of the sector. Learning from each other

Support: Providing training and support opportunities and promotional opportunities for the sector

Our Services

KaMSEN CIC offers training and support through workshops, training, facilitation and coaching by qualified and experienced advisers with specialist knowledge of business development gained from working with and for the social economy. 

KaMSEN CIC actively encourages shared learning and networking through its website, projects and activities. 

Working with Stakeholders


KaMSEN CIC believes in the importance of working with a range of stakeholders, building links across sectors including the voluntary and community sector, public sector and mainstream business and connected infrastructure organisations.

Our Supporter Members


KaMSEN CIC has a supporter membership of more than 200. KaMSEN CIC encourages networking and helps to build networks within and across the sector.