Here you can find information about Social Enterprise and the Social Economy. Our qualified Social Enterprise Advisors have produced a series of fact sheets which we will be expanding upon over the coming months to provide valuable information.



What is Social Enterprise ?


Social Enterprises are businesses set up with a social objective aiming to make a difference.  They seek to find a balance between commercial and social objectives, using profits to reinvest in the business or to meet their social objectives.

The roots of Social Enterprise go back a long way to the 1840s when the first co-operative was set up in Rochdale.  The "Annual Survey of Small Businesses UK 2010" estimates that there are about 68,000 Social Enterprises in the UK employing 0.8M people.

The term ‘Social Enterprise’ is used to describe a business model which aims to meet primarily social objectives rather than being run principally to provide profit for the owner or shareholders.   

In 2002 the term Social Enterprise was defined by government [DTI] as

“Social Enterprises are businesses with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally invested for the purpose of the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners”.

It has been estimated that social enterprise employs 0.8M people in the UK and accounts for 5% of all business. 


How do I become a Social Enterprise ?

Social Enterprise is about running to a business model with 3 key characteristics.  In the UK a Social Enterprise can take many different legal forms so they are regulated by a range of different bodies, including:- 

  • Community Interest Companies - regulated by  Companies house and the Community Interest Company Regulator
  • Social Enterprises with charitable status - regulated by the Charity Commission
  • Companies limited by share and guarantee - regulated by Companies House
  • Industrial and Provident Societies - currently regulated by the FSA

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Fact sheets and case studies

KaMSEN CIC is developing fact sheets and information about social enterprise in our area and further afield.


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