KaMSEN CIC services

KaMSEN CIC offers a range of support to potential, emerging and existing Social Enterprise about different aspects of setting up and running a Social Enterprise.


Our Services

Services are delivered by our team of qualified and experienced advisers, facilitators and coaches who have a wealth of professional and practical experience gained from working with and for the social economy sector and mainstream business over many years. 

We work with Individuals, Groups, Existing Social Enterprise, Business and Public Sector

KaMSEN CIC services include:-
      • Workshops
      • Bespoke training               
      • Support in Social Impact Measurement
      • Coaching and Mentoring                   
      • Group facilitation
      • Consultancy support on projects and strategy development                  
      • One to one and group support programmes

Quality and Excellence: KaMSEN CIC believes in the importance of maintaining quality standards for delivery of advice and support and strives for excellence in its delivery.


'Thank you for loads of information and suggestions.  I found it a most inspiring session with some unique ideas.'

[Alan, Every Child Needs]

We would highly recommend it'  [Adrienne Margolis Lawyers for Better Business CIC]


KaMSEN CIC offers a regular programme of workshops led by experienced trainers who specialise in Social Enterprise business development and social impact measurement, To view our current workshops programme click here
Advice and Support

KaMSEN CIC works with individuals and organisations on a one to one basis to support them in developing their Social Enterprise. Support can be tailored to individual needs. If you would like to get in touch click here








Social Impact Measurement

KaMSEN CIC supports measuring social impact and can provide training and support from social impact practitioners trained in Social Accounting and Audit [SAA] and Social Return on Investment [SROI].  A Social auditor is also available.

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Coaching Mentoring and Facilitation
KaMSEN CIC can help your organisation by providing coaching or mentoring programmes  We are also able to offer group facilitation. To discuss your needs, click here

Our work
To see examples of our work click here
Feedback and comments
KaMSEN welcomes your comments and feedback.  To get in touch click here